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‘Cinderella’s Curse’ Exclusive Trailer – Cinderella Paints the Town Red in Upcoming Horror Movie

Those of you who have been waiting for more info on CreatorVC’s upcoming TerrorBytes: The Evolution of Horror Gaming documentary, wait no longer!

The pre-sales campaign for the five-part series kicks off later today over at the official site, alongside the launch of the new teaser found below. Horror game fans have until March 3rd to join the campaign, which will be “an exclusive year-long celebration of the genre,” featuring 15+ hours of online events ahead of the documentary’s expected completion in March 2025.

“Horror games as an art form have an uncanny ability to empower players to fight through the darkness and find the light, joy, and catharsis in their twisted tales,” states producer Daniel Richardson. “With TerrorBytes, we shine a spotlight on some of the titans of this industry and celebrate their deeply important work in this medium.”

“Whether it’s the atmospheric creepiness of Lone Survivor and Alien: Isolation, the unsettling drama of I Have No Mouth and Must Scream, the kitschy frights of FMV horror, the terrifying dread of a great survival horror, or any number of other twists and turns within horror gaming’s immense library of titles, this genre of genres has long intrigued me from afar, and I can’t wait to immerse myself — and our audience — in the behind-the-scenes stories and on-the-screen craft at the core of dozens of horror’s most memorable games,” says TerrorBytes director Richard Moss.

TerrorBytes: The Evolution of Horror Gaming will feature 40+ interviews with horror developers and genre experts, including a who’s who of past and present developers:

  • Akira Yamaoka (composer, Silent Hill series)
  • Hifumi Kouno (director, Clock Tower)
  • Hubert Chardot (designer, Alone in the Dark series)
  • Ken and Roberta Williams (Sierra Entertainment founders)
  • Thomas Grip (creative director, Amnesia and Penumbra series, SOMA)
  • Airdorf (creator, FAITH: The Unholy Trinity)
  • Jane Jensen (director, Gabriel Knight series)
  • Jeremy Blaustein (voice director and English supervisor, Silent Hill series)
  • Akuma Kira (creator, Lost in Vivo)
  • Dave Szymanski (creator, Iron Lung and DUSK)
  • John Romero (co-founder, id Software and Ion Storm)
  • Mathieu Coté (producer, Dead By Daylight)
  • and many more!

Supporters of the pre-sales campaign will receive more than just the finished five hour-long episodes. The campaign includes exclusive limited-run collectable merchandise, including a blood-red Blu-Ray case, and TerrorBytes-emblazoned posters and t-shirts. Every supporter also gains access to a unique and exclusive year-long interactive experience that will feature more than 15 hours of online live events such as topic-based discussion panels with special guests, producer Q&As, developer livestreams, and more.

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