The Story Behind Carl Weathers Auditioning For Sylvester Stallone To Play Apollo Creed In Rocky

Carl Weather’s death at age 76 left Hollywood and the general public stunned, leading to endless tributes from the likes of Adam Sandler and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Though he starred in many notable movies throughout his decades-long career, Weathers’ most memorable role is arguably that of Apollo Creed in the Rocky movies (which we’ve ranked). As the cocky and intelligent boxer, he starred opposite Sylvester Stallone, who played the franchise’s eponymous boxer. Stallone has paid tribute to his late collaborator and, most recently, opened up about the story behind Weathers auditioning for him to play the iconic role of Apollo.

The Rocky icon spoke about his late co-star while promoting his series The Family Stallone on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon (which was shared on YouTube). Stallone was emotional when discussing his buddy, calling Carl Weathers “magnificent” while reflecting on their time shooting the Rocky movies. The Oscar winner said about the Mandalorian star:

He was magnificent. Rocky was a compilation of really great actors, some were born to play those parts. And I couldn’t fill that [Apollo Creed role], because it required athleticism, brains, spirit, talent, speed. [Carl] had it all. I mean, he had it all.

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