Pop Star Baker Grace Releases New Christmas Single “These Bells Will Ring”

Pop Star Baker Grace Releases New Christmas Single “These Bells Will Ring”

Baker Grace, the renowned pop artist, has just unveiled her latest Christmas single, titled “These Bells Will Ring.” This festive release follows her previous viral hits, “Painkiller” and “American Dream Girl.”

“These Bells Will Ring” is a heartwarming Christmas song that touches on the theme of finding peace during challenging times in the world today.

Baker Grace first made a mark with her debut EP, “Girl I Know,” in 2019, showcasing unwavering confidence and a knack for pushing the boundaries of pop music. With each subsequent release, she continues to demonstrate her musical growth and introspective depth while maintaining her unique artistic identity. Hailing from Weehawken, NJ, this 23-year-old singer-songwriter is carving out her distinctive niche in the music industry.

Her sophomore EP, “Yourz Truly,” delved deeper into her personal philosophies and inner world, with each track serving as a letter to herself or someone else. Collaborations with rising star Cautious Clay, Grammy-nominated producer Scott Harris, and Mexican pop singer-songwriter Charlie Rodd have further showcased her versatility. In 2021, Baker Grace contributed four songs to the soundtrack of the feature film “Last Survivors,” starring Alicia Silverstone, with “Lullaby” being a standout track. Balancing her time between New York City and Los Angeles, she continued her musical journey into 2022, releasing singles like “Shake The Earth” and “Pressure,” as well as a collaborative track titled “Little Magic” with Sabino, accompanied by visually stunning music videos.

You can listen to “These Bells Will Ring” by Baker Grace via the following link: https://orcd.co/these_bells_will_ring

For more information about Baker Grace, visit her official website at https://www.bakergracemusic.com.