Jon Landau Just Debunked The Rumored Title For Avatar 3, And Thank Goodness

Avatar 3 is still more than two years away, and while we do know a bit about the film, as far as where on Pandora it will be set, and a few of the new actors joining the Avatar 3 cast, we don’t know what the movie will actually be called. The third Avatar movie doesn’t have an official title, and the one title that had been previously rumored has now been unequivocally shot down, which is probably a good thing.

A few years back a list of titles for all the Avatar sequels got leaked, and James Cameron eventually confirmed they were real titles that were being considered for the films, though none, at the time, had been decided on. The rumored title for Avatar 2 had been The Way of Water, the title we eventually got, but apparently that won’t be the case for the next movie as franchise producer Jon Landau recently told that Avatar 3 will not be called The Seed Bearer. He explained… 

I’m qualified to tell you that that is not the title for Avatar 3. That’s what my Wikipedia page says? That is getting changed tonight!

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