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How to Watch the Tyler Perry Series

The show airs every Wednesday on BET at 9 PM EST.

Tyler Perry’s Sistas is currently in its sixth season. The show airs every Wednesday on BET at 9 p.m EST, and is available for streaming on BET+. The popular series, which premiered in 2019, is written, directed and executive produced by Perry, and follows a group of single black women as they navigate the ups and downs of life, love, careers, and everything in between. The series follows Andi Barnes, a divorce lawyer; Danni King, an airport employee;  Karen Mott, a hair salon owner; and Sabrina Hollins, a bank teller. Taking a note from the likes of Girlfriends, the series is set to showcase squad goals. The next episode, 19, will air on Dec. 6. Per an official logline, the episode will chronicle Andi dwelling on her past with Gary, while Zac and Fatima receive disturbing news about his son. Maurice’s attention is drawn to a new and charming man. A spinoff of the series, Zatima, chronicles the relationship between Zach and Fatima.

PopCulture spoke with Crystal Renee’ Haylsett, who stars as Fatima, about her role on the show and the show’s success. Hayslett’s career journey has been inspiring, going from working at Capitol Hill to leaving her government job to chase her dreams of becoming a singer and relocating from D.C. to Atlanta. She eventually landed a role as Perry’s wardrobe stylist and he noticed her talent. She auditioned for roles and the rest is history. 

All of her combined history, she says, from working in communications to being behind the scenes in entertainment, to co-starring in a series and co-leading a series – each moment prepared her for another. “A lot of times people don’t know what it takes to make a show happen. As a crew member, they’re up hours before we’re up. They are making sure everything is ready, setting the rooms, making sure the lights are ready, making sure sets are decorated. It’s so many moving parts that happen before an actor even opens their eyes to get ready to come in and everything is just ready for them. So as an actor who has worked on the other side, I have such a tremendous appreciation. And I think I also have a different sense of patience when things aren’t going as smoothly because I understand what’s going on behind the scenes. So I’m super grateful to have that background because I think it also helps me stay grounded as I continue to rise and also have a better understanding of what’s going on.

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