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Blondie With Mel Ottenberg – The Ringer

First isn’t always best, and Blondie found that out the hard way. One of the first CBGB bands, the ragtag group started out as a “No Ambition Just Vibes” project before fate and a terrible recording contract motivated them to rise to the occasion. Amidst haters, low expectations, and an ever-changing band lineup, Blondie wrote some of the most iconic songs of the era, many of which remain classics to this day. Interview Magazine’s editor in chief, Mel Ottenberg, joins us to plot the long and fascinating history of one of America’s most important bands.

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Host: Yasi Salek
Guest: Mel Ottenberg
Producer: Jesse Miller-Gordon
Audio Editor: Adrian Bridges
Additional Production Supervision: Justin Sayles
Theme Song: Bethany Cosentino

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