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How to Create Rituals of Self-Celebration With Jewellery

Plus: Everything you need to know about Pandora’s Lab-Grown Diamonds collections.

A full life is punctuated by milestones—celebrations, big and small, meant to revere the things we’ve accomplished, reached or simply gotten through. To remember these occasions as time goes on, we collect mementos—souvenirs that allow us to savour those special moments forever. And a souvenir, like a piece of jewellery, shines even brighter when bought for oneself.

Gone are the days of waiting to be gifted one of those small, unassuming boxes. It’s 2023 and we’re celebrating ourselves with Pandora, a brand practically synonymous with the marking of life’s precious moments, and the launch of its Lab-Grown Diamonds collection. Pandora is breaking conventions with this new range, featuring pieces made with 100 per cent recycled silver and gold, and diamonds grown, cut and polished using 100 per cent renewable energy.

Within this collection are three categories: Pandora Nova, which is design-forward and features a special setting to showcase the brilliance of the lab-grown diamonds; Pandora Talismans, which is a crossover between Pandora’s icons and their new style, and focuses on personal storytelling; and Pandora Era, which showcases a more universal design.

With the Lab-Grown Diamonds Collection, Pandora is making diamonds more accessible than ever. While they are the perfect self-love tribute for your big milestones, they’re also perfect for everyone, any moment, or just because. We’ll take one of each, please.

Scroll below for a few of our favourites from Pandora’s new range, and click here to browse the full Pandora Lab-Grown Diamonds collection and say yes to self-celebration today.