Does Saw X Have A Post-Credits Scene? Producer Reveals Exciting News For Longtime Fans

Fans of the Saw franchise are all undoubtedly excited for the upcoming Saw X release date of this Friday. The new movie not only adds to the surprisingly profound lore of the franchise but does so by bringing back two iconic characters, John Kramer and Amanda Young, despite the fact that both are canonically dead. However, it sounds like those two aren’t the only franchise characters we’ll see in the new film, as several more will appear in a post-credits scene.

While Saw X is the tenth film in the franchise, it’s set much earlier in the story, which explains why the characters we know to be dead no longer are. How the movie will tie into the larger franchise is anybody’s guess at this point, but some questions may be answered in a post-credits scene as Producer Mark Perg tells Cinepop that Saw X has a scene after the credits roll that will include characters from other films that franchise fans will want to see. He explained (via Google translate)… 

At the end of the film, stay until the end of the credits. Because there is a scene where we bring back [characters] from previous films that will make you very, very happy.

What Berg means by this is, of course, anybody’s guess. Several of the Saw movies have found interesting ways to bring characters from early films back in new ways. Not the least of which was Shawnee Smith’s Amanda herself, who appeared to be a victim in the first movie, and a generally inconsequential character, only for her later to turn out to be a disciple of Jigsaw and a major part of the series.

One possible answer is that a Saw X credits scene could set up the next movie, as Mark Berg is more than open that, if Saw X proves the audience is still there, there will be more movies, and that Smith’s Amanda will be key to them. He continued… 

If this movie works, you’ll definitely see more of Amanda.

The Saw movies, while they have always been violent horror movies first, have a surprisingly complex story of near soap opera proportions. Each film has left open questions that the next movie would then answer. Loose threads from early films that had seemed to be forgotten would come back around several movies later. This makes the idea of sticking a new film in the middle of the previous ones potentially more difficult, but also potentially more interesting just to see how it all gets explained.

It will also be interesting to see how Saw X might tie itself back into Spiral, the previous movie in the franchise was more spinoff than sequel to the series, and while it wasn’t a major hit, the global pandemic was at least partially to blame for that. Perhaps we could see a post-credits scene that connects the Spiral ending more directly to the main series.  


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