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What Alabama Barker Thinks of Internet Trolls and Influencer Shamers

Travis Barker‘s daughter Alabama Barker isn’t going to let her critics’ comments keep her up at night.

The 17-year-old—who often posts videos of her hair and makeup looks as well as her routines to social media—recently revealed how she deals with trolling targeted at beauty content creators like herself.

“I just feel like it’s a self-projection,” Alabama exclusively told E! News at Beautycon in Los Angeles Sept. 16, “and I hate that for them because I wish them the best and it’s just them projecting their insecurities. And you just need to know to keep going when people do something like that. ” 

And with four million followers on TikTok alone, the teen isn’t going to let any haters bring her down. In fact, Alabama isn’t afraid to clap back—like how she called out comments social media users made about her weight. As she reminded her critics in an Aug. 20 TikTok, ”It would be very appreciated if you guys just keep your opinions to yourself. It’ll get you further in life.”