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The George A. Romero Foundation Announces Writers for ‘The Dead’ Podcast

In May, The George A. Romero Foundation announced it was looking for writers. After several months of deliberation, the foundation and Bloody Disgusting are excited to announce their selection. Five selected writers will create their own standalone four-episode mini-seasons set within the universe of The Dead.  Joining the production team for the first season are:

Hannah Schooner, a writer, actor, singer and snake mom! When she’s not recording audiobooks, you can find Hannah working on her podcast, Dungeons & Drimbus, or taking care of her eight snakes.

Nick Harkins is a new screenwriter who spends most of his time riding a bicycle or doing film photography. Nick hasn’t been by a horror movie for awhile (1+ months).

Jeremy Ellett is a writer and fiction podcast producer in the middle of nowhere, Texas. You can listen to their work on podcasts like Two Flat Earthers Kidnap a Freemason, and The Subjective Truth.

CK Anderson is originally from Orlando, Florida. CK is a horror and thriller screenwriter and film professor now based in Pittsburgh. He also serves on the programming teams for the Woods Hole and Utah Film Festivals.

Luke Kondor started writing on his computer in his early teens and never looked back- and now he has very sore eyes. He created the short story podcast The Other Stories. Luke lives and works on a dining room table in the middle of Sherwood Forest.

The Dead kicks off this October with its first mini-season, Precious Cargo, which follows four cargo handlers, Catalina, Jarren, Troy, and Jennifer. A last-minute container arrives carrying Ellie, a body that needs to be expatriated from Australia to the United States. The crew launched during a tumultuous storm, and partway through the flight they discover Ellie has reanimated. The crew must confront their own troubled relationships while navigating the storm, and unbeknownst to them, the beginning of the zombie apocalypse…

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