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Everything to Know About ‘Virgin River’ Season 5 Part 2

Netflix’s Virgin River based on the novels by Robyn Carr has been fulfilling fans’ need for small town drama for five seasons, and the latest one had so much of that drama, it had to be split in two. In part one, the season finale ended with a time jump and some cliffhanger info.

With the upcoming release of part two, here’s everything you need to get reacquainted with the residents of Virgin River and their never ending parade of twists and turns.

Who stars in Virgin River Season Five Part Two?

At the end of part one, all the familiar characters were there: Mel (Alexandra Breckenridge), Jack (Martin Henderson), Doc (Time Matheson), Hope (Annette O’Toole), Preacher (Colin Lawrence), Brie (Zibby Allen), and Brady (Ben Hollingsworth).

What will Virgin River Season Five Part Two be about?

In episode ten, “Labor Day,” the story ends with Mel and Jack decorating in December, and Netflix has said 11 and 12 will be “Holiday Episodes.”

In that final episode, Mel suggests that she and Jack buy Tara’s family farm to prevent it from being turned into a golf course. They seem to be on the same page about the move, getting married on the property and raising a bunch of kids there. But if that all went smoothly, there wouldn’t be a need for new episodes.

Months later, as they get ready for the holidays, Mel’s sister calls to share she found old love letters meant for their mom. Her sister thinks the writer might be Mel’s biological father, which could mean the search is on for these last new episodes. That will probably be the central conflict, though others in the town have stuff to deal with, from degenerative diseases to finding a dead body.

When does Virgin River Season Five Part Two premiere?

Part one was released on Thursday, September 7, 2023 and part two is scheduled for November 30.

How many episodes in Virgin River Season Five Part Two?

There were ten episodes in part one and part two only has two episodes. So, there’s a lot to cover in kind of a short time.

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