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‘Night at the Gates of Hell’ – Fulci-Inspired Retro Zombie Game Coming to Consoles in September

The dead rise for revenge in Puppet Combo’s retro-style zombie video game Night at the Gates of Hell, which we’ve learned is coming to consoles on September 8, 2023.

From Torture Star Video (Night at the Gates of Hell, Rewind or Die) and Black Eyed Priest (Bloodwash, Tonight it Follows), the game was previously available only on Steam.

Night at the Gates of Hell combines the 1980s Italian zombie aesthetic of Lucio Fulci, with nail biting survival horror gameplay. Players must navigate desolate Mediterranean cities in search of clues, weapons and items to make an escape. Encounters range from crazed cultists to flesh hungry zombies to massive abominations – all must be taken down with extreme precision, because only headshots kill these maggot-filled monsters.

The game features…

  • 85 unique zombie models – you won’t encounter the same zombie twice!
  • First person, survival horror gameplay
  • The gore you’ve come to expect
  • Ps1 style low poly graphics.
  • 70’s inspired disco soundtrack
  • Fully voice acted.

Can you survive the zombie apocalypse, or will you end up being just another walking corpse? Find out when Night at the Gates of Hell comes to PS 4 & 5 and the Nintendo Switch.

Aaron Boehm wrote in his 3.5/5 star review for Bloody Disgusting last year, “If you want to capture the feeling of tuning into a late night B-movie that you probably shouldn’t be watching, Night at the Gates of Hell will give that to you in spades.”