Hear Taylor Swift Update ‘Snow on the Beach’ With Extra Lana Del Rey

More Snow, More Lana

“You asked for it, we listened,” Swift said of Midnights redo

Swifties demanded more Lana Del Rey on their Midnights collaboration “Snow on the Beach,” and Taylor Swift has delivered with the release of the Midnights (Til Dawn Edition) deluxe album.

When Midnights initially dropped in October, fans were taken aback by how little Del Rey actually appeared on the much-anticipated duet, as she essentially took on the role of background vocalist.

On the Midnights deluxe edition, Del Rey is pushed into the spotlight. “You asked for it, we listened: Lana and I went back into the studio specifically to record more Lana on Snow on the Beach,” Swift tweeted of the redo Wednesday.

Del Rey previously talked about the original collaboration with Billboard, noting how her focus was less on herself and more about assisting on “Snow on the Beach.”

“Well, first of all, I had no idea I was the only feature [on that song]. Had I known, I would have sung the entire second verse like she wanted,” Del Rey said. 


“My job as a feature on a big artist’s album is to make sure I help add to the production of the song, so I was more focused on the production. She was very adamant that she wanted me to be on the album, and I really liked that song. I thought it was nice to be able to bridge that world, since Jack [Antonoff] and I work together and so do Jack and Taylor.”

In addition to the updated “Snow on the Beach,” the Midnights (Til Dawn Edition) deluxe album boasts the Ice Spice remix of “Karma,” the previously Target-only “Hits Different” and the 3am tracks. Additionally, another new song, “You’re Losing Me,” is available on the tour-only CD version of the deluxe edition.