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The Beauty Hacks I’ve Learned on TikTok This Month


From hacking a blowout overnight to DIY’ing your own skincare tools, here are five beauty tips and tricks to try out.

Where do we go when we need a little beauty advice or inspiration these days? TikTok, of course! And when it comes to helpful beauty hacks, the app always delivers. Last month we unpacked curling lashes upside down (kind of) and using sunscreen to contour, but this time around we’re getting into hacking a blowout overnight, DIYing your own skincare tools and more.

Below, find five tips and tricks that have been approved by #beautytok to try out this month.

Bangs are all fun and games until the wind blows. With a single gust, your carefully cropped bangs are giving full access to your bare forehead. Maybe you should try gluing your fringe down. Hear us out. In a viral video posted by @darekelly, she makes a convincing case for this hack. All you’ll need is lash glue, which you likely already have stored in your makeup bag. Again, that’s lash glue! Any other types of glue can irritate your skin should be avoided. Begin by using a few dots of glue along the brow bone (or wherever your bangs end) and press your strands into place. This ensures everything is evenly fanned out across your forehead. And just like that, your bangs are wind-proof! But don’t just take our word for it, users in the comment section of this tutorial speculate that this trick is how K-Pop star Lisa of Blackpink keeps her signature blunt fringe intact on stage, through killer choreography and all.

Got oily skin? London-based makeup artist Vincent Ford posted this powder trick that’ll help combat an oily-looking base in just a few foolproof steps. Just mix a loose face powder of your choice with your favourite liquid foundation and blend with your hands before applying it to your face with your fingertips. The result? A more mattified face with a blurred finish that’ll help to control oil all day long.

We love us a good skincare tool, but we don’t always love the price tag. That said, allow us to introduce our next hack: a DIY facial roller made with something you probably already keep in your medicine cabinet. In a TikTok with a whopping 35 million views, @rose.friederike uses an empty rollerball deodorant to DIY a facial roller. First, she pries the ball out with a small pair of nail scissors and soaks both the bottle and the ball in soapy water to clean it out (we suggest doing a super thorough cleanse to ensure no harsh ingredients have been left behind). Next, she grabs her product of choice — which is aloe vera — and squeezes it into the bottle before popping the ball back in. To complete her creation, she adds a personalized “face mask & chill” sticker to the bottle for a fun touch.

Hair that sets in your sleep? Yes, please! If you’ve still got a set of flexi-rod rollers knocking around from way back when, you may want to bring them back into your hair tool rotation for this heatless curl hack. A recent TikTok posted by Canadian curly girl Amanda Guido walks us through how to use flexi-rods to achieve voluminous, blown-out looking curls overnight. Starting off with smoothed-out hair, apply oil to the ends of your strands before you wrap them up for the night. Next, stuff a handful of flexirods into a clean sock to act as your first ‘curler’. Make a C-shaped part at the top of your head and roll your sock tool from the ends of your hair up until you meet the scalp. Then, lock your sock curler in place by bending the flexi-rod. Repeat these steps all around your head in medium-sized sections — and be sure to tuck your hair up into a satin bonnet before bed so you can sleep sweetly and dream about the gorgeous curls you’re about to wake up to.

Whether we’re adapting to a darker skin tone in the summer, a lighter shade in the winter, or simply trying to decide which undertone is the right one, it can be a struggle to find the perfect shade of foundation. You may have tried swatching on the back of your hand or directly on your face in-store, only to return home and discover it’s not a match. Turns out we may have been doing it wrong all along. Beauty guru Nikkia Joy took to TikTok to teach us how to find our best match. “What you want to do instead is match your foundation to the exposed skin on your neck and chest,” says Joy. Start with one swatch on the neck, and blend it out to see if it matches. Though it may not be the same shade as your face, the point is to ensure that your makeup seamlessly blends into your neck and chest so it looks most natural. One more pro tip from Joy? Let your swatch dry down to see its true colour before you make your decision, as some foundations have a tendency to oxidize.