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How XO, Kitty’s Anna Cathcart Felt About That Coming Out Scene

Warning: This article contains spoilers for XO, Kitty season one.

TBH, Anna Cathcart is glad that viewers are getting a deeper dive into her character’s POV.

In XO, Kitty—a Netflix spinoff series to the widely popular To All Boy Boys films—fans follow everyone’s favorite matchmaking sister to Korea. Though Kitty initially enrolls in boarding school to finally reconnect with her longtime, long-distance boyfriend Dae (Minyeong Choi), she soon finds herself in a love triangle straight out of a K-drama as she begins to develop feelings for classmate Yuri (Gia Kim), who’s been hiding her sexuality from her parents.

In a particularly vulnerable moment, a tearful Kitty calls home and tells her dad (John Corbett) that she may be “bi, or pan, or fluid,” only to be met with a warm response from the Covey patriarch.

Reflecting on the emotional scene, Anna exclusively told E! News, “It makes me really happy to be able to portray that type of storyline.”