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Why VPR’s Scheana Shay Has Been Hard On Herself Amid Drama

As for what’s taken Lala aback the most?

“Just the way that Raquel and Sandoval would act within the group,” Lala noted. “And things they felt comfortable saying, knowing that they were doing what they were doing. It’s like a whole different level of just psychological mind f–kery.”

As Scheana put it, the entire situation has been “insane to relive.”

“It’s like nothing normal about this life that we live in front of the world,” she continued. “But more than that, you never get the opportunity to hop in a time machine, go back in time and watch someone else’s exact perspective. It just has been very wild, more than any other season to relive and watch back.”

But thanks to Uber One, the BFFs don’t have to fret over takeout when they get together to watch VPR.