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Remembering Kellie Pickler and Kyle Jacobs’ Sweet Love Story

In a 2014 interview for McPherson Guitars, Jacobs described his typical day as, “I wake up in the morning and have my coffee, and eat my Cheerios. Spend some time with my wife and I’m pretty much writing a song every single day at 12 o’clock.” Sometimes “a song just happens like that,” he said, snapping his fingers. But whether it does or not, then he heads into the studio and “by the end of the day, I’m pretty spent.”

Writing and producing could be “rather taxing,” the Minneapolis native said, “but I will never complain. Still to this day, I can’t believe it’s what I do for a living, and it truly is a blessing…Five, 10 years from now, honestly I’d love to just still be doing what I’m doing.”

He also shared that he got his first custom-made McPherson as an anniversary gift from his wife, with their wedding date “1-1-11” engraved into the back of the headstock. He called it “literally the most beautiful guitar” he’d ever seen or played.

Jacobs used the instrument to perform their wedding song “Say I Do” while Pickler danced the rumba on Dancing With the Stars in 2013, during the week the contestants paid tribute to the best year of their lives.