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Horror stalwart Devon Sawa (“Chucky,” Final DestinationIdle Hands) delivered a memorable turn in 2020’s survival horror Hunter Hunter. He’s set to return to the wilderness once more with Consumed, the latest horror movie by The Butcher Brothers (The HamiltonsThe Violent Kind).

THR reports that Sawa will play a “wild madman” the central married couple will encounter on a camping trip. Of course, it’s not the madman that’s the most significant threat; there’s something else in the woods with them.

Courtney Halverson (UnfriendedSt. Agatha) and Mark Fariglietti (Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines) costar with Sawa as “Jay and Beth, a married couple taking a celebratory camping trip a year after Beth’s cancer remission, who find themselves trapped between a wild madman (Sawa) and a skin stealing monster.”

A skin stealing monster, plus Sawa in a wild turn? We’re in.

The Butcher Brothers, aka director Mitchell Altieri and producer Phil Flores, will direct from a script by David CalbertJeffrey Allard, one of the producers behind 2003’s The Texas Chainsaw Massacre reboot, will executive produce.

“When I first read the script for Consumed, I was excited about the challenges it presented. Its characters not only have to face a terrifying creature stalking the woods, but individually, they are also forced to struggle with their inner demons brought on by true-to-life tribulations such as cancer or grieving loss,” Altieri told THR. “I set out to visually adapt a film that balanced these situations we may all face at one time or another, coupled with the exhilaration and sheer horror of being lost deep in the wilderness as something unknown tracks your every move.”

XYZ Films is executive producing Consumed and will introduce the film to potential buyers at this month’s Cannes Film Market. 

Stay tuned for more details on this horror feature as they arrive.