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Coco Meets Barbie in Chanel’s New Cruise Collection Shown in L.A.

Photography courtesy of Chanel

Palm trees, fireworks and glitter decorated a parade of pink short suits, leather jogging pants, board shorts, and cutout swimwear.

Margot Robbie need look no further for her promo wardrobe for the Barbie film coming in July. The Cruise 2023/2024 collection that Chanel presented in Los Angeles on May 9 was full of beachy, Barbie vibes. Robbie was among the dozens of celebs, including Kristen Stewart, G Dragon,  Elle Fanning, Lily Collins and Riley Keough, seated around a massive roller rink plunked down amid the sound stages of Paramount Studios for the show.

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The first clue that this was going to be a lighthearted romp came as guests walked into a lineup of food trucks serving falafels, pizza and other casual fare. A local radio station played over the loudspeakers and a giant scoreboard seemed to hint at a roller derby with the jumbotron catching glimpses of smiling celebs. Designer Virginie Viard‘s parade of pink short suits, leather jogging pants, board shorts, and cutout swimwear — often worn with leg warmers — seemed well suited to California’s fitness-crazed lifestyle. There was lots of sparkle for awards season and Hollywood premieres, including glow-in-the-dark heels and eveningwear that glittered with fireworks and ice cream floats. Palm trees showed up everywhere, one model carried a skateboard, and a VW van handbag had a couple of surfboards attached to its roof.

After the show, guests could join the professional roller skaters who were swooping and spinning around the rink. Snoop Dog, wearing a Chanel scarf babushka-style around his long braids, brought the house down with a short set. “This is my first fashion show,” he told the crowd before mentioning that his wife was wanting a Chanel bag, or two. He’ll find plenty at the four-storey flagship Chanel  just opened on Rodeo Drive.

Click through below to see some of the most attention-grabbing looks from the show — we think Barbie would approve.