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Esthetician Joanna Czech Shares the Acne Treatment in Your Kitchen

When it comes to Joanna’s beauty philosophy, she’s all about the less is more approach. Plus, she highly suggests keeping your routine as simple and unchanged as possible ahead of getting ready for a major event.

“I love a lot of hydration as a prep, it smooths outs and creates softer skin,” she shared. “A mild exfoliating toner, a double-cleanse, a hydrating clay mask. Taking a very gentle approach can do so much.”

And let’s just say you want to book a few cosmetics treatments before an important celebration. Well, you’ll want to plan many far in advance, as Joanna noted it can cause more problems than solutions.

For facials, she said to schedule them two to three days ahead of the event, which will allow you to reap the rewards of its results. However, when it comes to laser treatments, Botox and fillers, she warned that it’s not best to do it the week of.

“Don’t do it last second so you have a chance to fix it if something goes wrong,” she explained. “You can do Botox four weeks before the treatment because it’s going to last, and you will look more normal. But don’t do it 10 days before.”