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‘Jagged Mind’ – Hulu’s Time Loop Horror Movie Premieres in June

On the way from Dark Sky Films, The Third Saturday in October is a highly unique experiment ripped straight out of the 1980s, and we’re getting TWO movies on the same day.

First up, The Third Saturday in October Part V kicks off this throwback double feature, and it’s followed by The Third Saturday in October Part 1. Confused?

The Third Saturday in October Part V is technically the second entry in the slasher series– there are no Parts II, III, or IV- but the recommended starting point in your viewing.

Meagan Navarro explains in her review, “The Third Saturday in October Part V is a clever slasher parody that aims to recreate that feeling of renting Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan on a weekend because someone beat you to the video store and snatched up all the other entries first.” After you’ve seen it, you can then move on to “Part 1.”

Meagan goes on to explain, “The slasher homage series with regional specificity works best as a double feature, with the overlap between them and the respective period aesthetics creating a unique cinematic experiment. It’s impressive what Jay Burleson’s achieved and recreated, likely with so little when viewed as two pieces of a whole. The Third Saturday in October may not be nearly as entertaining as Part V, but it is a fascinating exercise in nostalgia.”

Both Part 1 and Part V will release on May 5 from Dark Sky Films.

Watch the trailers for both retro slasher movies below…