Exclusive: Watch Colbie Caillat’s Dreamy ‘Worth It’ Music Video

Colbie Caillat finds sweetness in the memories of a relationship that didn’t work out in “Worth It,” her first solo release since putting out The Malibu Sessions in 2016. Soul-inflected vocal harmonies and the singer’s signature brand of pop-country come together in this dreamy new track, which focuses on gratitude for time spent with a lover, even after the two part ways.

The song’s music video — which premieres exclusively via Taste of Country and The Boot on Thursday (April 20) — is equally ethereal.

The clip shows Caillat stepping out of a vintage truck into a rolling field at sunset, wearing a flowing, breezy dress as she sings and wanders through the grass.

Behind her, against the backdrop of a glowing sky, we see the silhouettes of two dancers at the top of a hill. The theme of dance was an important one for this particular video treatment, Caillat explains.

“I had a vision for this music video to capture the emotion of the lyrics through dance. I think it’s one of the most beautiful ways of expression,” she elaborates to Taste of Country and The Boot. “The ebbs and flows between two people coming together and drifting apart.”

The depiction of that “ebb and flow” has personal undertones for Caillat, who wrote “Worth It” alongside Liz Rose and AJ Pruis about a near-and-dear-to-her relationship that ultimately wasn’t the right fit. Still, the singer adds, its ending doesn’t ruin the warm memories, which she says she will “cherish forever.”

Caillat adds, “Some endings can be beautiful, and you can be grateful for the time you shared together. This is the first song I wrote for this new album.”

The singer’s next musical chapter also marks a fresh start after her departure from country quartet Gone West. Calliat was a member of that band alongside her now-ex-fiancé Justin Kawika Young, plus married couple Jason Reeves and Nelly Joy. Caillat and Young, who were together for 10 years, announced their romantic split in April 2020, and both of them left Gone West shortly thereafter.

Despite the splits, both personal and professional, Caillat and Young assured fans at the time that they hoped to continue working together. “Justin and I are best friends and will continue to make music together forever,” she wrote on social media at the time.

Caillat has hinted that she will continue to release new music throughout 2023.

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