Art the Clown from ‘Terrifier’ Appears in New Pete Davidson Series “Bupkis”?! [Trailer]

A new creature feature from New Zealand filmmaker Scott Walker (The Frozen Ground), The Tank is coming to select theaters on April 21 followed by a Digital release on April 25.

Set in the 1970s, The Tank is a story about a young family who awakens a horde of creatures. Academy Award-winning special effects supervisor and creative director Richard Taylor and his team at Peter Jackson’s VFX studio Weta Workshop created the creature effects!

Bloody Disgusting has been told that one of the themes throughout the film is the clash between masculine and feminine values. This led to Regina Hegemann’s casting as The Creature.

“Not only has she got the flexibility and the performance, but she has the no fear attitude needed to play this role,” director Scott Walker tells us. “I really wanted every element of the film to feel like it really happened so everything needed to be grounded in some kind of science or species or something that could make logical sense.”

In addition, the creature creation doesn’t rely on CGI or digital creature replacement. “Everything the creature does is either a puppet or a person,” Walker explains. “I wanted to stay in this more practical world, and work with that, which has been terrific.”

Watch the EXCLUSIVE clip below for a sneak-peek at Weta’s latest creature creation!

In the upcoming creature feature, “After mysteriously inheriting an abandoned coastal property, Ben and his family accidentally unleash an ancient, long-dormant creature that terrorized the entire region—including his own ancestors—for generations.”

Luciane Buchanan, Matt Whelan, Zara Nausbaum, Regina Hegemann, Jack Barry, and Holly Shervey star. Scott Walker wrote and directed The Tank.

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