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‘Hope’ – ‘Bones and All’ Star Taylor Russell Joins New Movie from ‘The Wailing’ Director

Coming soon from filmmaker Douglas Schulze (The Dark BelowHellmasterMimesis), Thorns immediately caught our attention last year, and Fangoria now shares some fresh imagery.

Schulze tells Fangoria, “The intention was to make a ‘monster’ movie as a kind of homage to the great horror cinema of the ’70s and ’80s. John Carpenter’s The Thing, Ridley Scott’s Alien, William Friedkin’s The Exorcist and, of course, Clive Barker’s Hellraiser were all inspiring.”

On that note, horror icon Doug Bradley (Hellraiser) makes an appearance in Thorns, and these new images give us our first look at Bradley’s character, a “mysterious archbishop.”

In Thorns, “An ex-priest working for NASA is sent to investigate a remote observatory that went silent after receiving a mysterious radio signal from deep space. Upon arrival, he discovers the signal has opened a portal unleashing a thorned monster. The former priest must now summon his lost faith to stop the signal from jumpstarting the end of the world.”

“The film melds themes of religion and science within the framework of a classic ’80s-era monster movie,” Douglas Schulze recently told Tony Timpone over at Gruesome Magazine.

He added, “Thorns is ripe with physical makeup effects and plenty of gore.”

Thorns is looking to release sometime in late 2023. Stay tuned.