Chris Redfield Actor Charlie Kraslavsky Starring in Next Episode of ‘CARRIER: A Raccoon City Story’

Chris Redfield actor Charlie Kraslavsky is certainly putting his fame with Resident Evil fans to good use. While still collaborating with director Andrew Saullo for Saullo’s upcoming short The Keeper’s Diary, Kraslavsky has now been revealed to be teaming up with filmmaker Shaun Meyer on his film noir webseries CARRIER: A Raccoon City Story.

Thanks once again to Biohazard Declassified, Kraslavsky will be starring as Raccoon City Mayor Michael Warren in the next episode of CARRIER, which is expected to drop later this month. Details are still to come regarding the episode, including information on Kraslavsky’s Mayor Warren character.

In case you missed it the first time, CARRIER started out last year with a pilot episode. Set in 1995 and starring Noah Goldberg, Pablo Kolache, and Trent Hall, CARRIER follows the “hardboiled, boozing, cynical” detective Sam Othic , who is currently working for the Raccoon City Police Department. Sam is currently investigating a series of domestic terrorist activities, bordering on cult-like behavior. This all leads to “The Incident” and the eventual destruction of Raccoon City in 1998.

According to Meyers, the main purpose for CARRIER: A Raccoon City Story was to explore what Raccoon City was like before Umbrella messed things up for everyone. The idea is “a detective story told through the lens of comic book cutscenes from Max Payne” and set in the Resident Evil universe. Meyers also pulled double duty with the soundtrack, recording, mixing, and editing it with a friend.

Meanwhile, you can check out the episodes that have been released so far for CARRIER here.

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