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The Most Striking Fall 2023 Runway Beauty Trends

Photography courtesy of Imaxtree

From coquette beauty bows to playful pastel makeup, here are six Fall 2023 runway beauty trends you’ll be seeing everywhere.

As another fashion month wraps up, we find ourselves more inspired than ever by the beauty looks seen on the runways. If you’ve been searching for fresh new hair and makeup ideas, look no further than the the Fall 2023 runway beauty trends.

From hair that was both over-styled with excess amounts of gel and backcombed with reckless abandon, to playful makeup that experimented with pastels and glitter, the vibe this season was: anything goes. And it’s this rebellious creative expression that leaves us feeling inspired to approach our makeup in new ways as the year goes on.

Below, we’ve rounded up six Fall 2023 runway beauty trends that sum up the season.

Bow Beauty

With the meteoric rise of coquette beauty, seeing bows everywhere is to be expected. And the runway was no exception. So what was the high fashion approach to bow beauty this season? Miniature ribbon appliqué adorning models’ hair and cheeks, and hair manipulated into intricate bow shapes.

Pure Pastels

Autumnal beauty rules be gone! The Fall 2023 shows proved that playing with pastel makeup isn’t exclusive to spring and summer. In fact, butter-yellow blends of eyeshadow, abstract swipes of mint green, and powder pink lower lashes are encouraged for the upcoming fall season this year.

Oil-Slick Hair

Somewhere between the wet look and a clean slicked back bun is the oil-slick hair trend. Whether it’s combed away from the face, swept aside, or left down, the one requirement for this lacquered look was that hair must appear styled with thick globs of gel and ultra-shiny oil — and only then can this super-glossy texture be achieved.

All That Glitters

Using glitter in makeup is notoriously messy and difficult to remove, but that didn’t deter the makeup team at shows like Diesel and Giambattista Valli from adding the glitzy texture to their glam. From full-on hair and body glitter to shimmering mosaic eyelids and statement lips, apparently, all that glitters isn’t just gold — but blue, green and orange, too.

Bedhead Hair

Not one for oil-slick hair? Perhaps you’ll prefer bedhead hair — the deliberately disheveled look that made an appearance at shows like Miu Miu and Yohji Yamamoto. Making a purposeful mess of beauty, flyaways were accentuated and hair was teased out and tousled to create this realistic take on “I woke up like this” beauty.

The Gothaissance Goes On

Matte black lipstick, dramatic graphic liner, and deconstructed black shadow defined the current state of gothic beauty in 2023, and each look was striking in its own right. Thought we’d left goth glam in 2022? Think again. Gothic beauty lives on through the Fall 2023 runways.