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Trick or Treat Studios Previews Rob Zombie’s ‘Halloween’ Mask Collection

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Here are the coolest horror collectibles unveiled this week!

Ghostbusters II Print from Magnoli Props

Ghostbusters II is set on New Year’s Eve, so ring in the new year with a replica of the film’s iconic Vigo the Carpathian portrait. It has been digitally restored from scans of the original prop via New Zealand’s Magnoli Props. 39×63 canvas prints are available for $150 with free worldwide shipping.

Children of the Corn, Candy Corn, & Haunt Figures from Trick or Treat Studios

Trick or Treat Studios will launch a new line of retro-style toys with characters from Children of the Corn, Candy Corn, and Haunt. First revealed at Toy Fair last year, they will be released as two-packs in August.

Children of the Corn has Issac (with Bible and staff) and Malachi (with scythe, knife, and cross). Candy Corn has Jacob (with pumpkin pail) and Dr. Death (with spell book). Haunt has three sets: Clown (with sledgehammer) & Devil (with pitchfork), Ghost (with hammer) & Zombie (with chainsaw), and Witch (with fire poker) & Vampire (with pistol).

Sculpted by Alexander Ray and Justin Mabry, the 3.75″ scale action figures are packaged on backer cards with blisters. They’re $24.99 per pair.

Sideshow-Style Banners from Horror Decor

Horror Decor created four banners with vintage sideshow-inspired art based on Hellraiser (The Human Pin-Cushion), The Shining (The Forever Twins), A Nightmare on Elm Street (The Master of Knives), and Child’s Play (The Living Doll).

Designed by Burnzig, each vinyl banner measures 24×30 with metal grommets in the corners. Regularly $40, they’re on sale for $35 through Sunday. The artwork also comes on 14×17 pillows for $22.

Elvira, Frankenstein, & Coraline Body Knockers from NECA

NECA is adding Elvira, Frankenstein, and Coraline to its Body Knockers line in July 2023. They’ll join the recently announced characters from The Exorcist, Saw, and Annabelle, which are due out in May. Priced at $13.99, each solar-powered statue stand 6.5″ tall and rocks from side to side when exposed to light.

RoboCop Print from Spoke Art

It’s almost hard to believe RoboCop recently celebrated its 35th anniversary, as it holds up as prescient as ever. And let’s not forget that Screambox is releasing RoboDoc soon. In the interim, Spoke Art dropped RoboCop 24×36 screen prints by Jonathan Bartlett. The regular version is limited to 75 and costs $70, while the foil variant is limited to 40 and costs $100. They’ll ship in 6-8 weeks.

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