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Horror Bytes: Cannibals, Caves, and Creepy Malls [Safe Room Podcast]

In case you missed our GOTY 2022 coverage, feel free to give those episodes a listen before the first 2023 edition of Horror Byres!

Horror Bytes of the Year

GOTY Part 1

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Safe Room is back for another year of conversing all corners of the horror gaming space! And what better way than kicking off the New Year with Horror Bytes, our indie horror segment in which Neil and I each highlight several bite-sized indie titles!

While some of the titles we’ll be discussing are free, we believe it’s essential to support the developers and their hard work: So if you can, please support them through their itch.io, steam, or Patreon pages (Links for this month’s titles are below).

A weekend retreat is interrupted by a backroads cannibal kidnapping! Attempt to survive the night from a sadistic killer in this cinematic PSX survival horror throwback from the creator of Night of the Scissors.

A streamer investigates an infamous abandoned building that may have more to it than it seems in this found footage perspective experience.

Ever wonder how Satan would punish you for your indiscretions? Well, do we have a dark humor-laced game for you. 

Ever reminisce about your adolescence strolling through the mall with friends and staring at empty storefronts shuttered by the beast that is online shopping? A Mall Near You is a relaxing and engaging stroll down memory lane.


Two rats conjoined at the tail: One dead, the other alive, with the latter navigating treacherous environmental puzzles in this morbid, yet heartfelt, platformer.

A dystopian twist on Battleship housed within a chilling brutalist world. The objective is simple: Don’t Lose.

Fans of Neil Marshall’s The Descent will get their mileage out of this claustrophobic platformer with a horrifying surprise for those who crawl through to its conclusion.

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