Michael B. Jordan Talks About The Advice He Took From Denzel Washington And Bradley Cooper Before Directing Creed III

Much like Rocky, Adonis Creed had to rise through the ranks to become a world-class boxer. And much like Sylvester Stallone, Michael B. Jordan has risen through the ranks in the acting world, and he is now making his directorial debut with the third installment of Creed, much like how Sly directed multiple Rocky films. While I’m sure Jordan received advice on his first outing as a director from those within the Rocky world, he’s also explained how actors and directors Denzel Washington and Bradley Cooper helped advise him before making Creed III

Although Jordan said there’s no film he’s “felt more ready to steer,” he’s also talked about the nerves of going into his first directing gig as the star of the Creed III cast and the man calling action behind the camera. He noted that he got a lot of good advice from other directors who simultaneously starred in their flicks, those two people being Denzel Washington and Bradley Cooper. Jordan elaborated on the advice the two men gave him, telling Empire

Talking with Denzel [Washington] and Bradley Cooper and others who have directed themselves, they told me you have to find your groove and your pace with your first AD and actors. But it’s also like having a superpower: within your performance, you can also direct. It saves some time in some areas, because you get a chance to self-correct in the moment. So that’s a liberating experience to have. It became fun after a while.

I feel like starring in the film you’re directing must be an intimidating task, especially on a film that also marks a directorial debut. Although Jordan was clearly in good hands by getting advice from Washington and Cooper, who have both directed critically acclaimed films they also starred in. I’d say based on Jordan’s comments the directors/actors gave him some fantastic and impactful words of wisdom. 

For Washington, while the iconic films he’s best known for are based on his performance on screen, he’s also directed four features. On his third film, Fences, he starred and directed it, which ended up earning him multiple Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture and Best Actor. He also directed Jordan in his most recent film A Journal for Jordan, and the Creed star praised his director for his direction, and ability to work so well with actors. 

As for Cooper, he made his directorial debut with A Star is Born, which he also starred in. He ended up earning three Oscar nods to his name for Best Picture, Actor and Adapted Screenplay, and many firmly believed he should have been nominated for Best Director as well. Now, Cooper has a few upcoming projects in the works, one of which is a biopic about Leonard Bernstein, called Maestro, which he is starring in and directing. 

All this is to say, I think Michael B. Jordan has some fantastic people in his corner to help him find success with his directorial debut. Based on the Creed III trailer alone, it looks like Jordan gave it his all, and made a movie that he will be proud of and fans will love. 

To see all of Jordan’s hard work pay off, you’ll have a wait a bit because Creed III is slated on the 2023 movie schedule for March 3. In the meantime, check out the 2022 movie schedule for other fantastic films to watch as the year comes to a close, and we get closer to seeing Jordan’s directorial debut on the big screen.