Drag Race queen ‘broke down’ after being eliminated

Drag Race Down Under season two contestant Faúx Fúr says it was “tough” being eliminated in the first episode over an outfit design fault. (WOW/Stan)

Drag Race Down Under queen Faúx Fúr “broke down” after being eliminated in the first episode of the Aussie spin-off’s second season. 

RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under season two spoilers below.

The self-professed loud queen from Sydney was the first queen to sashay away from the show after a brief, if not memorable, stint on the second season. But it was a single fault in her outfit that cost Faúx her spot in the werkroom alongside the other queens. 

For the design challenge, the ten queens were asked to construct a jaw-dropping piece made entirely out of unconventional materials that represented the “Down Under” theme. Faúx’s outfit appeared beautiful from the front, but her black undergarments were visible underneath her delicate white mesh skirt when she turned around. 

Faúx Fúr told Daily Mail Australia that it was heartbreaking to know the small design mishap was the reason she had to walk away from the competition. 

“It was tough,” she said. “I broke down.”

She continued: “I was like, ‘Oh, my God. Really? You’re going to send me home for a black panty detail?’” 

“There were three other girls that were worse than me!”

However, Faúx managed to find a bright light in the situation and said it was “surreal” she was even in Drag Race Down Under to begin with. She described how the challenge “humbled” her, but she was going to take something positive from the experience. 

“At first, I just felt like s**t,” she said. “But then I was like, ‘Girl, you got on the show! Getting sent home is not that bad’.”

Faúx Fúr told Star Observer her only regret from her time on the Drag Race stage was wearing the “f*****g black panties”. 

“Had I worn a nude or white one, I would have been safe!” she quipped.

Faúx added she would love to have her own reality TV show and “become the next Kardashian and then go to Oprah”. But she also wouldn’t be adverse to seeing Mama Ru in another season of Drag Race

“I know it sounds crazy, but these are my dreams and these are my goals… But before I even become a Kardashian, I would love to join All Stars Drag Race,” Faúx said. “Oh, I’d do it all over again. I’d love it.”

Faúx Fúr teased fans can expect a “lot of drama” from the remaining cast of glorious queens from Australia and New Zealand. 

“These girls are tough competition,” she told Daily Mail Australia. “[They’re] unique and lovely, but they’re also in it to win it.”

RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under season two airs on Stan with new episodes dropping on Saturdays. Fans abroad can catch up on the series on BBC Three in the UK and on streaming service WOW Presents Plus. 


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