TikTok Couple Explains Why They Don’t Regret Controversial Baseball-Themed Sex Reveal

Not all sex reveals are home runs.
Earlier this month, Hannah Calverly, 18, and boyfriend Travis Gober, 19, decided to find out the sex of their baby with a baseball-themed reveal.
In their viral TikTok video, Hannah pitched a baseball to Travis on the field. Once he made contact with a bat, blue powder was released into the air, revealing that a baby boy is on the way. Hannah rushed the dad-to-be, but so did his University of New Orleans teammates, and Hannah was left standing on the sidelines while the guys celebrated.
Many of the 63,000 TikTok commenters on the post weren’t exactly fans of Travis and his team’s behavior with one asking, “What about the mother of the child?” But now, the couple is speaking out about the Internet’s big reaction.
“I was definitely very shocked,” Hannah shared with E! News. “I do know that social media has a tendency to only see the negative, so I wasn’t too surprised that people would only see the bad parts of the video.”

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