Euphoria Star Sydney Sweeney Explains How They Made That Pregnancy Belly

None of the characters in HBO’s high school drama Euphoria have a particularly easy time of it, and Cassie, played by Sydney Sweeney, is no exception. After having an abortion and splitting from her football player boyfriend McKay in season one, Cassie begins the second season in what the actress describes as a “low, lonely place.” This manifests in her embarking on an ill-advised fling with resident villain Nate Jacobs.

This bad romance had many viewers yelling at Cassie to run for the hills, but in episode two of the season, we see that Nate might actually have genuine feelings for Cassie: after being knocked out by Fez, he has a dream in which they are together, and she is pregnant. For actress Sweeney, that meant being fitted with a full prosthetic pregnancy belly, a process which she broke down on her Instagram Story.

“This belly was insane,” she wrote, before explaining exactly how the prosthetic was made. First, a full cast of her body was made in which she was covered in “goop,” and then “papier mache,” before it was removed. The baby bump was then made out of that mold.

Season two of Euphoria continues a killer streak for Sweeney, who showed off her range while playing a very different but no less compelling character in Mike White’s satirical comedy-drama The White Lotus. “Unlike Cassie, whose base traits emerge during moments of impulse when her emotions burn bright, Olivia’s cruelty is premeditated, and always lurking,” wrote Abby Robinson at Digital Spy. “Olivia might look like butter wouldn’t melt, but that’s precisely what makes her so menacing.”

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