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[Trailer] ‘Visage: Enhanced Edition’ Announced For PS5, Xbox Series

Released last year to PC and the previous generation of consoles, SadSquare Studio has now begun the process of giving their spiritual successor to P.T. in Visage a next-gen facelift. Visage: Enhanced Edition is now available for the Xbox Series, and will launch for PlayStation 5 in November.

And like many games released over the past year, those who already own Visage for PlayStation 4 or Xbox One will receive a free next-gen upgrade. Next generation enhancements include 4K resolution at 60fos, as well as improved loading times and (in the case of the PS5) haptic feedback support.

Visage is set inside a huge house in which families were brutally murdered by members of their own family, people went insane, committed suicide, and other unpleasant happenings occurred. You will relive parts of this dark past in order to uncover the truth. All the while, you must avoid the dark entities in the house to avoid going insane yourself.