Netflix Teases ‘Never Seen Before’ Show (on Netflix) Called ‘Seinfeld’

Netflix has announced “2021’s hottest new show,” which it admits is only really new on the streaming service, in their cute trailer for Seinfeld. All 180 episodes of the beloved sitcom hit the platform on October 1st.

The clip informs viewers that the show was created by “rising stars Larry David and Jerry Seinfield,” and features lots of fan-favorite moments, with Jerry’s “Oh, hello” welcoming viewers.

There are “heartwarming” love story scenes, like when Elaine asks bluntly “OK, are we gonna have sex or not?” as well as hugs, kisses, and more classic scenes between Jerry (as in Seinfeld), Elaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), Kramer (Michael Richards), and George (Jason Alexander).

Netflix continued the Seinfeld-styled humor found in the teaser into their press release.

“This is the first time we’ve taken a risk of this nature, going all-in on nine seasons at the jump,” said Netflix Co-CEO Ted Sarandos. “But Jerry has created something special with this sitcom that nobody has ever done. I truly think he and Mr. David have enormous futures ahead of them and I’m thrilled Netflix could be the home for them to grow their fanbases.”

“Larry and I are enormously grateful to Netflix for taking this chance on us. It takes a lot of guts to trust two schmucks who literally had zero experience in television when we made this thing,” said Seinfeld. “We really got carried away, I guess. I didn’t realize we made so many of them. Hope to recoup god knows how many millions it must have taken to do. But worth all the work if people like it. Crazy project.”


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