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Psychological Horror Title ‘Luto’ Announced For PC, PlayStation

Those of you who spent your college nights playing Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, the free-to-play team-based multiplayer spin-off from Return to Castle Wolfenstein, probably remember that the game was originally to include a single player campaign that unfortunately never saw the light of day.

Lucky for us, Dark Matter Productions’ William Faure, author of the The Dark Army: Uprising mod for Return to Castle Wolfenstein, has announced that after years of waiting, his intentions to give Enemy Territory‘s single player campaign the love it deserves.

Slated for release on November 19th on ModDB (20 years after Return To Castle Wolfenstein‘s release date) and on Steam on November 30th, the mod aims to be compatible with not only the original remastered mod for Return to Castle Wolfenstein (aka RealRTCW), but also its various ports, including the Oculus Quest version!

The mod will also have support for addons, and also “proper coop treatment”. Faure also plans to include even more goodies, such as recording new voices for the mod, texture packs and more. Details can be found on the ModDB page.

Thanks to PCGamer for the heads up.