Review: AniMaze X “Strawberry Fields Forever”

Courage cannot move mountains but AniMaze X taught us how to climb them and hats off to them for having the courage to cover The Beatles “Strawberry Fields Forever.” Even more so they not only captured the essence of the crimson berry’s vibe but orgasmically abducted the quintessence of a kaleidoscope of vibrancy.

The song is quickly climbing the charts and creating an international buzz. Vocalist Mike Vescera is an adventure in itself with texture and color and a psychotic echo that is overwhelming perfect for this song. The band has musically orchestrated one of the tightest arrangements of this psychedelic turned hard rock anomaly.

AniMaze X it’s a project started by the members of best-selling D-Metal /AniMetal USA. Do you need band is focusing on a wider variety of music themed such as superheroes, cartoon movie soundtracks and Broadway musicals, thereby thrilling an audience of all ages. Members include Rudy Sarzo originally from Ozzy Osbourne, BJ Zampa, John Bruno and Mike Vescera. Originally hired by Disney the band gained much popularity in Japan and then in the US.

When I first heard AniMaze X’s version of the iconic Beatle song I felt is though I stepped with door into the past where the ghost of John Lennon lurked. In an interview Lennon admitted that Strawberry Fields was his favorite of all times. AniMaze X did more than justice to his legacy…..

5/5 Stars

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