The Mindless Morning Show

The Mindless Morning Show is one of the magic podcasts that promote fun and happiness and entertainment while having fun themselves.  Nick and Josh two friends who have never met in person host the show which boasts a new and intriguing episode every Wednesday and Friday and can be seen on YouTube on any device. Their past guests have been people including Scott Page from Pink Floyd, and Leland Sklar, the most iconic bass player on the planet, as well as new rising superstars. They are also in the market for an alien guest so any alien reading this please apply…..


What is the main premise of your show?


The premise of our show started as just 2 friends bantering on about nonsense and fun times in our lives. We eventually adapted to having guests and it took off from there. We love the stories people have to share.  Everyone has a story, we wanna hear them, we wanna laugh, we want to have fun, and make new friendships, and have an awesome time while doing it!


What inspired you to begin your very cool show?


I sent Nick to a friend’s podcast to speak of the game we’re making together for promotion, then Nick developed an itch for it, and 2020 sucked, so we wanted to be those go-to guys to just reach out to the most intriguing of people, and showcase not only our guest, but their achievements and what they work on and towards. We hear too often on the news negative narrative, and wanna be the fun happy ones!


What are some of the things you look for in a guest?


We always like to make sure they’re not by any means nervous. We aren’t judgmental people and just enjoy another human, who is a lot of fun, with a charismatic mind, and maybe if they had a downer kind of day prior to being with us, we aim to turn that around…if you’re an alien from another planet…we would like to talk to you too! Were not just human exclusive!


Do you have a favorite topic that you enjoy discussing?


My Favorite topic to discuss usually is along the lines of Aliens, Space, and just plain ole funny stories! We have heard many crazy ones, happy ones, sad ones, intense ones! Just never know what someone else has been through. The aimlessness we typically have with our episodes, kind of leads us down many rabbit holes we may not have necessarily come to with any type of script, so we really do enjoy the “off the beaten path” questions and conversations!


What makes your show different than all the others?


Not only are you getting a solid and super handsome duo (whom never met in real life) making you laugh and having fun, staying consistent, and strong willed to succeed and have fun doing it. The people and the connections have been unlike any experience we have ever had!


Where would you like to be in 5 years?


So this is kind of a cop-out answer, but if I told myself 5yrs ago, I would be where I am now, on a podcast, in videos on youtube, and talking to some of the most incredible people and celebrities, I would have laughed and doubted it the whole way. So much so I possibly would have manifested it to not happen, because of that, I think I like to just enjoy the ride that life brings, and take it day by day because we just never know what’s awaiting the corner of tomorrow!


How, where and when can people view your episodes?


Absolutely anywhere you listen to your media, even if you don’t have access to the internet, bullhorn has a number to call and listen to our episodes!!! We can be viewed (which is what we think is the most entertaining way to consume us) on YouTube.


New episodes are released every Wednesday and Friday  and sometimes we throw out bonus episodes just because!  h

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