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Country Artist Louie Bello Teams Up With Jason Tucker for New Single ‘Rescue Me’: Watch the Video!

Making music with a purpose. Louie Bello is seeking to unite people from all walks of life with his single, “Rescue Me.”

The country R&B artist currently teaches art and music to public school students at The Trotter School in Boston. All the while, he has continued to work on pursuing his personal musical dreams, including through his new track that dropped on Tuesday, February 23.

“‘Rescue Me,’ which also features Jason Tucker, inspires us to think about the important people in our lives,” he said in a statement. “Who rescues you when things in your life are not going right? Who rescues you when you’re lost?”

He continued, “Some people lean on a parent, grandparent, sibling, friend, first responder or even a stranger. In the trying times of this past year, we all have needed someone to lean on when we felt lost and inspire us to find our way.”

Bello recently explained the behind-the-scenes production on the track, including the importance of featuring Tucker’s vocals alongside his own.

“I featured Jason singing on this one because it became such a powerful song that I wanted his passion,” the musician told Boston’s Country 102.5 on February 10. “It was produced by Coran Henley. It is a song about thanking that person that rescues you through the tough times. It could be your mom, dad, sibling, wife, dog or even a stranger. We all need someone when times get rough.”

Before dropping “Rescue Me,” the singer’s 2019 single “Got It Bad” managed to gain more than 225,000 streams on Spotify. He hopes that his latest effort will succeed in connecting listeners of all ages as they live through these challenging times amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Over the years, the “Worth It” singer has garnered diverse and unique experiences in his music career. Not only has he written the theme songs for programs on PBS and ESPN, but his original tracks have also appeared on prominent shows including Keeping Up With the KardashiansThe Real World and Lincoln Heights. Additionally, he has had the privilege of opening up for fellow country music stars Tyler Farr and Eric Paslay.

While Bello is working to establish himself as a musician, he has also expressed an interest in trying his hand at acting.

“I love the idea of acting in movies, but I’ve always been afraid of taking that chance and exposing my vulnerabilities,” he explained via Instagram in October 2020. “Once I took the first step of pursuing my dream, I realized my vulnerabilities actually helped bring out my strengths. Now, I can’t look back. Don’t let your fears take control of your life!”

Bello’s song “Rescue Me” is available to listen to on all platforms. Check out the track’s accompanying music video above!