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Most Likely To Explode on the Scene in 2021

With the worst year in the history of mankind behind us, 2021 is looking more hopeful…hopefully. Although our future can never be wholly known, our present is like an arrow that can point the way ahead. Where it will land, we never know, nor what is waiting for us on the other end as the arrow falls to earth. In the end we all become memories even when the heart stops beating…..However who will be remembered? These are our staff picks including indie artists, rising talent, and those who have already made their mark, most likely to be noticed on the scene or even explode……


Actors, Film, TV Series



Anthony Ramos: For “In the Heights.” Ramos has already created a splash for his role in the musical “Hamilton.”


Can He Pull It Off?:

Austin Butler: Butler is set to portray Elvis Presley in Baz Luhrmann’s untitled project


Young Success:

McKenna Grace: The 14 year- old actress will be starring in the sequel to “Ghostbusters”


Hollywood’s Rising Sweetheart:

Sherry Nelson: Though not yet a household name, Nelson is on her way as TV co-host most sought after with an unquestionable TV and screen presence.

Welcomed Back

Elizabeth Moss: Moss securely holds the lead in the “Handmaiden’s Tale” as fans wait for its return with baited breath.


Highly Anticipated:

Martin Kove: The most hated character on the planet in the number one series Cobra Kai, we want to see what he’s up to.


Newest Superhero

Gianni DeCenzo: Also from Cobra Kai, The young actor is flourishing  with  young audiences as an inspirational Nerd.


Keep Your Eye Out:

Steve P. Hamm: Army helicopter pilot turned actor is about to take off with positive persona abs and movie star handsome looks.


Foreign Flavor:

Judy Parfitt:  The 85 year-old Sister Monica Joan of Britain’s “Call the Midwife” portrays a nun approaching dementia (who lost her husband from that very illness).


New Series:

Rick’s Plaice: Superstar and legendary keyboardist from “YES” plays his pianos with a flurry of British humor.


Let’s Rock N’ Roll


Artist of the year Again: 

The Weeknd: He doesn’t need a Grammy to still be the most listened to artist.


He’s Back

Ed Sheehan: After a family hiatus Ed has returned stronger than ever.


Will She Continue?: 

Billie Ellish: Of course she will, she already is.


Interested in Indie?:

The PondHawks: This Chicago based indie group has the biggest fan base on the planet…. keep watching.


Post punk anyone?:

ReW STaRR and the ReWlettes: Their benefit cover “To Sir With Love” will put them on the map.


Metal With A Twist:

AniMaze X: The new superheroes of heavy metal singing to Disney, comic books and video games.


Making A Scene:

AJR: “Bang” Exactly!


As Popular As Ever:

Justin Bieber: He’s already hitting 2021 hard!


Rising Quickly:

Rocky Kramer: Allied Artist’s secret weapon.


Social Awareness:

The FMs: “Silent City”, “ Annihilation Denial”…They are trying to save the world without being dicks.


Think:EXP: The supergroup including Scott Page from Pink Floyd, Stephen Perkins from Jane’s Addiction, Kenny Olson from Hendrix Experience, Norwood Fisher from Fishbone, Grammy winning Will Champlin, and Derek Day.


About to Make Some Noise:

The Immediate Family: Another supergroup: Leland Sklar, Danny Kortchmar, Waddy Wachtel, Russ Kunkel, Steve Postell, the biggest session players on the planet.


Listening….Watching…Radio, TV and Podcasts


Popular Popular and Popular

Joe Rogan


Unconventional…Explosive…5 Million viewers

The Jimmy Star Show With Ron Russell



Z100 Elvis Duran


Celebrity Talk Show Host Cable TV…20 Million Strong

Profiles With Mickey Burns



Freakin’ Awesome with Anthony Boese


Women Empowerment:

Fierce Females with Adrienne “Fierce” Manson



Lifestyles With Dr. Mobi


Across the Pond:

Ask Mike: with Mike McDonnell


It Gets Bigger and Better:

Movie Reviews and More with Brian Sebastian


Down South:

Smoked Meat with Brad Pittman 


Even More Down South:

Radio Land with Ric Chetter


Good Ole Boys:

Heavy Chump with Jasson Maddox


The Mike Wagner Show



Bionic Buzz with Steve Sievers



You Really Shouldn’t Have with James Warwick


New and Intimate:

If These Walls Could Talk with Wendy Stuart Kaplan and  Tym Moss



Pandemic Cooking with Wendy Stuart Kaplan


A Celebrity Fix

The Simonetta Lein Show


Mainstream Radio Down South

105.5 FM Radio Real Talk With G-Love and a Kenny Wilkerson


Rock n’ Roll

Meet Me For Coffee with George Rock 


Music Music Music

Louder a Than War Radio with Nigel Carr


Rap It

FCR247  with Twyzm Whyte Piece


Adventure in Music

The Adventures of Pipeman with Dean K.  Piper 


Fashion Frenzy


Coolest Designer:

Stevie Boi


Top Model:  

Nicole Menayo


Top Fashion Pop Culture Influencer:

Simonetta Lein


Rising Commercial Pop Culture Model:

Sherry Nelson


Reading is The Great Escape 



Mickey Burns: “From The Projects to Profiles: A Memoir” An unlikely journey to stardom.

One In a Million

Howard Bloom: “Einstein, Michael Jackson and Me: A Search For Soul in the Power Pits of Rock and Roll.” Bloom has been called “the greatest press agent that rock and roll has ever known.”



Eileen Shapiro: ”Waiting For Adam” A quest to interview Adam Ant through 3 continents and interviews with some of the biggest celebrities on the planet.


Artistically Insane

Leland Sklar: “Everybody Loves Me” 6,000 celebrity and man in the street pictures of people giving Sklar the bird. You cannot put this coffee table book down.


For Autism

Kenny Wilkerson: “Rockin’ Recipes For Autism“ Nova Rex bassist raises awareness for autism with a picturesque cook book of iconic rocker’s secret recipes. Collector’s item.


Concert Producers Virtual or Otherwise to Get Excited About


John Velasco: SohoJohnny Presents “Let Me Help, Inc” Star Studded Charity Event”


John “SohoJohnny” Pasquale : SohoJohnny Presents “Let Me Help, Inc” Star Studded Charity Event


DJ D-Nice: Club MTV, Homeschool Party, Instagram Celebrity Parties 


Diplo- A Very Lazer Sunday


The Roots-DJ Questlove Presents


Leland Sklar- YouTube


Rocky Kramer: Rock & Roll Tuesday’s