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Joe Biden’s Granddaughters Naomi, Finnegan, Maisy, and Natalie Chose Radiant Gowns for Inauguration Night

Joe Biden’s four granddaughters had a major fashion moment at his inauguration, wearing some of the best winter coats there. That evening, the girls celebrated with their grandfather, dressed up in four gorgeous gowns and matching masks (there is a pandemic going on, after all, and Biden just passed a federal mask mandate).

The President’s oldest granddaughter Naomi, 27, wore a purple dress and mask. Her sister Finnegan, 22, was dressed up in sequined peach Markarian gown with black straps (one that has since sold out since Finnegan wore it). Finnegan and Naomi’s youngest sister Maisy, 20, wore a pink print Rodarte gown, and their 16-year-old cousin Natalie was in a sequined cream Markarian dress.

They all posed with their grandparents President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden at the Lincoln Memorial during the Celebrating America event.

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They also watched fireworks from the White House with the rest of their family:

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Their aunt Ashley Biden was in a suit, by the way, and Naomi stands next to Natalie’s younger brother Robert “Hunter” Biden II.

Naomi, Finnegan, Maisy, and Natalie all appeared in an interview on the Today show that aired yesterday, where they spoke candidly about how close they are to their grandfather.

Joe Biden calls them all often, Maisy said: “That’s something that I feel like some people don’t believe when we say that he literally calls, not just, like, one of us every few days,” he said. “He calls me, then calls Naomi, then he calls Finn, then he calls Natalie, then he calls Ashley, and then he calls little Hunter.”

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