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The 2021 Sleep Horoscope You Didn’t Know You Needed

Start the new year off on the right side of the bed, with our predictions and sleep solutions for every zodiac sign

Welcome to 2021! After the uniquely challenging year we survived in 2020, one thing is certain for every Zodiac sign: We could all use more sleep and self-care. But are you really setting yourself up for the best possible sleep? And what even is your go-to sleep position? Don’t worry, plenty of rest is in this year’s forecast, and we have all the answers you need in your 2021 sleep horoscope. No matter your sign, we’re seeing lots of Zs in your future.

Sleep style: The Climber

Settle down there, Aries! We know you’re cheerful and determined even in the face of adversity, but even the most ambitious hyped-up ram needs to take some time to chill out once in a while. Maybe it’s time to channel that energy into some bedtime meditation?

Your guide to better sleep in  2021: An Endy mattress helps minimize motion transfer, so even if you’re up half the night writing inspirational quotes on the wall again, your partner can sleep soundly as they won’t feel a thing.

Sleep style: The Cuddler

You, Taurus, are the most sensual of all the star signs, so you just can’t stop yourself from wiggling up to your partner (or pillow) next to you. For you, bedtime = playtime. We’re all for it.

Your guide to better sleep in 2021: The new year will bring even more opportunity for bedroom exploration, so you may want to invest in Endy’s mattress protector—which guards against dust, moisture and “wear and tear” to help keep your mattress like new.

Sleep Style: The Dreamer

Oh, whimsical Gem—you’ve spent 2020 fantasizing about all the gorgeous warm places you’d rather be and forgetting that you put that sourdough bread in the oven. Is it your fault you can now watch every single episode of The Golden Girls from your bed as if it were your manifest destiny? No, no it is not!

Your guide to better sleep in 2021: Lean into your strengths (ie: lounging and watching Golden Girls) by adding some silky soft Endy organic cotton sheets to your viewing setup so you can dream in luxury.

Sleep Style: The Mummy

You may be a bit tough on the outside, but everyone knows you’re a big softy on the inside, and you love turning the hygge factor in your cozy home up to “fireplace-channel-all-day, every-day” levels.

Your guide to better sleep in 2021: Is it getting hot in here? Maybe it’s time to try sleeping on a cooling and Canadian-made Endy mattress, specially designed with foam that disperses and releases heat fast.

Sleep Style: Starfish

Yes, Leo, everyone knows this is *your* bed. And you definitely need all of it. Nobody is challenging your claim to the bedroom throne—you are the bed queen!

Your guide to better sleep in 2021: Queens need a mattress that’s worthy of their beauty rest, which is why the Endy—with its open-cell comfort layer (that’s science for “Your Highness”)—evenly distributes pressure points on your body so you can relax more fully into your sweet dreams.

Sleep Style: The burrito

Okay, Virg, we all know you were an insomniac before it was popular, which also means you’ve been all about the Endy weighted blanket before all your friends started texting “OMG have you tried this weighted blanket?” Wrapping yourself in this blanket burrito-style is your favourite way to tune out and stop seeing spreadsheets on the ceiling (a la Beth in The Queen’s Gambit).

Your guide to better sleep in 2021: Time to tackle that insomnia and up your sleep game by adding a customizable Endy pillow to your regime. Fastidious Virgs will love the fact they can adjust the amount of shredded foam on the inside.

Sleep Style: Half and half

Libra, you even bring your diplomatic game to your snooze set up. You believe everyone—yourself included—should get the best of both worlds, so you devote your sleep to both the outside-blanket air and under-blanket zone. They both should get a piece of you, it’s only fair.

Your guide to better sleep in 2021: The anti-bunching baffle-box construction of the Endy duvet means everything will stay in its proper place so you can experience cozy warmth and cooling air circulation in the correct half-in, half-out percentage.

Sleep Style: The Pillow Fort

We know you love controlling your environment, Scorpio, and when you set your mind to something, nothing can stop you. Turns out, in all the mayhem of the past year your mind was set on building the ultimate pillow fort, your very own magic citadel to sleep and seek refuge in.

Your guide to better sleep in 2021: It’s time to level up—you deserve it. Fortify the barricades with a mountain of fully adjustable Endy pillows, a comfy safe haven from which you can slowly take over the world.

Sleep Style: All Balled Up

Sag, your endless quest for knowledge can sometimes leave you drained. Seriously, no one can memorize every single Real Housewives episode, not even an energetic superhero like you.

Your guide to better sleep in 2021: Give yourself a break and lounge around like Yolanda Hadid on some luxe Endy sheets. Your brain (and body) are due for some blissful rest.

Sleep Style: The Face Plant

Cappies, we know you’re laser focused on career success, but it’s possible you’re driving yourself a little too hard, evidenced by the fact that by the end of your ambitious day you literally faceplant into an exhausted slumber.

Your guide to better sleep in 2021: If you’re going to insist on laying like this because efficiency is king and you swear it “makes you smarter, faster, stronger!” (does it, though?) make sure you can still breathe by resting your noggin on a comfy and adjustable memory foam Endy pillow.

Sleep Style: The Yogi

You’re a big thinker Aquarius, and spend a lot of time laying in bed having thoughts like: “Saving the world be like…” and “If my name is Aquarius then WHY AM I TECHNICALLY AN AIR SIGN? Who am I? Who are you? What is life even?!”

Your guide to better sleep in 2021: Give your deep bedtime thoughts some rest on the stylish and built-to-last Endy bed frame. It’s Canadian-made and assembles in minutes, no tools (or existential crises) required.

Sleep Style: The Un-Wakeable

Hellooo? Hellooo in there—Pisces? We know you’re really enjoying exploring your imagination (or, let’s be real, hiding) during dream time but you’ve still got to get up and do your daily water colour paintings at some point, ok?

Your guide to better sleep in 2021: If you’re going to continue spending half your days under the covers, invest in a more restful sleep with a perfectly balanced Endy mattress so you can wake up refreshed and ready to take on the world.