Black Pumas Deliver Tender Rendition of ‘Colors’ on ‘Colbert’

Black Pumas performed their Grammy-nominated track, “Colors,” on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert Tuesday, January 19th.

To complement the song’s psychedelic soul, the Austin duo, their backing band, and a trio of singers delivered the track on a soundstage done up to recall the sets of music performance shows from the Sixties and Seventies. With some monochromatic, Mondrian-esque squares and rectangles floating against the beige backdrop, Black Pumas frontman Eric Burton crooned in his falsetto, “All my favorite colors/My sisters and my brothers/See ’em like no other/All my favorite colors.”

“Colors” appears on Black Puma’s self-titled debut, which arrived in 2019. The record’s deluxe edition, which dropped last year, was recently nominated for a handful of Grammys. “Colors” is up for Record of the Year and Best American Roots Performance, while the deluxe version of the album was nominated for Album of the Year.

Black Pumas have kept busy on the virtual performance circuit during the pandemic. They recently played “Colors” during a Biden-Harris’ pre-inauguration event, as well as a pair of songs on CBS This Morning. Last September, the duo delivered a three-song set for Rolling Stone’s In My Room series.