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A New Canadian Zero-Waste Haircare Brand + Other Notable Beauty News This Week

From a gorgeous spring makeup collection from Chanel to big news in sustainable beauty.

Meet Everist, a Local Haircare Line of Eco-Friendly In-Shower Pastes

Courtesy of Everist

Clean, waterless and zero-waste. These three big terms are what pushed Toronto-based founders Jayme Jenkins and Jessica Stevenson, who both hail from Big Beauty (think: stints at Giorgio Aramni, Revlon and YSL) to set out on their own and disrupt the industry with their new brand, Everist, a line consisting of patent-pending shampoo and conditioner pastes that officially became available for pre-order earlier this week. “One thing we saw from the inside is this consumer demand for cleaner alternatives and more sustainable options from these big brands. We both tried to influence from the inside, but we just found it super difficult to steer the direction,” says Jenkins. “We decided if we wanted to see something come to life, we had to do it ourselves.” For the duo, the biggest area in need of an eco-friendly overhaul was in haircare, where the founders discovered that most traditional shampoo and conditioner formulas are packaged in single-use plastics and filled with more than 70 percent water (which can easily breed bacteria and destabilize active ingredients) as well as many synthetic preservatives.

To help solve these issues, Jenkins and Stevenson landed on their waterless in-shower pastes that are free from parabens, sulfates, silicones, dyes and synthetic fragrances and instead packed with natural ingredients, like gentle coconut-derived cleansing agents, moisturizing vegetable glycerin and a blend of over five essential oils with scalp benefits. As for the innovative packaging, each travel-friendly 100 mL aluminum tube is the product equivalent of a standard 300 mL bottle and is easily recyclable curb-side. The brand even has a unique recycling program for its plastic caps: “Our products come with a little cotton bag where you can collect all your caps,” explains Jenkins. “Once it’s full, you just go to our website, put in your address and we send you a return shipping label to send them back at our cost.”

Okoko Cosmétiques Opened its First Retail Concept in Vancouver

Courtesy of Okoko Cosmétiques

Know for its high-performing and clean skincare, Black-owned Canadian indie brand Okoko Cosmétiques opened the doors to its very-first retail shop on January 6th. Located inside of its manufacturing facility in the heart of Vancouver’s trendy Gastown neighbourhood, the new storefront, called L’Atelier Okoko, carries all the luxe Okoko Cosmétiques favourites along with a selection of other products from other green beauty brands, including non-toxic nail polish, organic supplements and teas. The flagship store also offers personalized and holistic consultations from Okoko’s team of beauty formulators.

Chanel Dropped its Spring 2021 Makeup Collection, Les Fleurs de Chanel

Courtesy of Chanel

You can always count on Chanel for eye-catching makeup launches. For its latest spring colour assortment, which officially launched on January 4th, the French luxury house pulled inspiration from a cluster of flowers (think: camellias, peonies, anthuriums, pansies among many others) to dream up a nine-piece collection comprised of warm, earthy hues, like coral orange, bronze, copper and sumptuous pinks and reds. As for the makeup goods, you’ll find a shimmery, flower-embossed blush palette ($90); a terracotta-brown mascara ($43), two high-shine lip lacquers ($48 each), two velvety lipsticks ($48 each), and three signature Le Vernis nail polish colours ($35 each).

Ole Henriksen Has a New Facial Scrub

Courtesy of Ole Henriksen

When it comes to the go-to products needed to have and maintain a glowing complexion, a facial exfoliator should be high up on your list. Not only does the act of exfoliating help slough away dead skin cells to make room for newer, more radiant ones, but resurfacing the skin also helps other skincare products penetrate more deeply — and work better as a result. Made with AHAs, plus sugar exfoliants and lemon peel extracts, this new physical-meets-chemical hybrid by Ole Henriksen, Lemonade Smoothing Scrub ($42), is suitable for all skin types to visibly re-texturize and polish the complexion. The formula also contains basil chamomile extract which work in tandem to soothe and calm.

Clean Beauty Brand Ilia Beauty Launched a Winter-Worthy Lip Treatment

Courtesy of Ilia Beauty

With the temperature outside only continuing to plummet, a heavy-duty lip hydrator is a must-own right now to keep lips from getting chapped. Just as its name suggests, Ilia Beauty’s new Lip Wrap Hydrating Mask ($34) is rich in texture and in good-for-you-skin ingredients. It contains salicornia herbacea extract and hyaloronic acid to deeply moisturize lips, plus papaya enzymes that work to gently buff way any dead skin to clear the way for deeper ingredient penetration.