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Jason Sudeikis Is Reportedly ‘Heartbroken’ Over Ex Olivia Wilde’s Romance With Harry Styles

On Monday, news broke that Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles were dating, nearly one year after she and her ex-fiancé Jason Sudeikis privately split. News of Wilde and Sudeikis’ breakup wasn’t reported until November, and now, People has some intel on how Sudeikis feels about Wilde’s new relationship. He isn’t okay at all because he still wanted to reconcile with Wilde, the mother of his two children Otis, 6, and Daisy, 4 and the woman he dated for nine years.

A source told the outlet that Sudeikis “is absolutely heartbroken about the split. There is still a lot of love there, and he would like to have hope that maybe there’s a way for them to repair things. But what happens next remains to be seen.”

On Tuesday, a source addressed the possibility of Sudeikis being blindsided by Wilde’s new relationship to Entertainment Tonight. Since the two had actually split in the beginning of 2020, “it’s not like she’s rushing into something,” the source said. “Olivia and Jason talk all the time and are still close because of the kids. It’s highly unlikely he was blind-sided by this news.”

When Wilde and Sudeikis’ breakup was first reported in November, People was told by a source that their relationship has “been amicable, and they’ve transitioned into a great co-parenting routine. The children are the priority and the heart of the family’s relationship.”

Entertainment Tonight was told at the end of November that Sudeikis and Wilde splitting was “mutual,” by a source close to Wilde. “They just fell out of love in a romantic way, but still have love towards one another as people,” the source said. “They consider themselves friends and co-parents first and foremost. They are committed to co-parenting successfully for the sake of Otis and Daisy and have done a great job so far at staying connected in a healthy way for their relationship and for their children.”

A second source added that “there was absolutely no drama or scandal, they just didn’t work as a couple anymore. If you’re looking for a juicy story, there just isn’t one.”

“They adore each other and have nothing but the utmost respect for one another,” that source continued. “They will continue to be each other’s biggest supporters, especially when it comes to parenting their children and their careers. They see each other all the time still.”

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