Gays for Trump wave Pride flags as white supremacists and violent thugs storm US Capitol

A rainbow Pride flag can be seen waving amid white supremacists firing pepper spray at the police. (Twitter)

Gays for Trump waved rainbow Pride flags amid the Capitol riots as crowds of violent white supremacists laid siege to democracy yesterday (6 January) as the Electoral College votes were counted by Congress.

Armed and angry Trump supporters breached the US Capitol, stormed the rotunda, and broke into the Senate chamber firing tear gas at senators in a bid to overturn the US election result – which has now been certified by Congress as a win for Democratic president-elect Joe Biden.

An extremist mob who had attended the “March to Save America” followed the president’s instructions to descend on the Capitol and violently breached the complex, tearing down four layers of security fencing and fighting federal police amid shouts of “f**king pussies”.

Four people died during the chaotic Capitol riots, which follows months of escalating posturing and rhetoric by MAGA extremists who vowed not to let Biden take power. One woman was shot by police, while three others died as a result of “medical emergencies”, officials said. Fourteen police officers were injured.

As white supremacists were filmed punching and spraying pepper spray at police, a rainbow Pride flag can be seen waving alongside the Confederate flag.

Why are these Nazi f**ks flying our rainbow flag?” asked queer lawyer Paul Kidd.

Earlier, at the National Mall, videos of Trump supporters show one person wearing a balaclava and carrying a flag that appears to be the rainbow Pride flag on one side and a “Trump 2020” flag on the other.

Trump’s four-year stint in the White House has been devastating for the LGBT+ community.

The homophobe-in-chief oversaw a horrifying rollback of LGBT+ rights and protections in almost every area of society, including housing, education, healthcare, employment, citizenship, the military and more.

By GLAAD’s count Trump attacked the LGBT+ community a total of 180 times, fostering a rise in anti-LGBT+ rhetoric that has led to record highs in hate crimes. This culminated with the final year of his presidency being named the deadliest year for transgender murders since records began.

Despite this, fringe campaign group Gays For Trump has attempted to portray him as a pro-LGBT+ president. A Gays For Trump rally in Hollywood in October managed to muster 70 people.