See Sky Ferreira Cover Lady A’s ‘Need You Now’ in Coachella Surprise

Singer pops up unannounced before Kevin Abstract’s set to deliver synth-laden rendition of hit country single

Sky Ferreira made a surprise cameo at Coachella Saturday when the singer appeared onstage before Kevin Abstract’s set to deliver a cover of Lady A’s “Need You Now.”

Without any official announcement, the leather jacket and sunglasses-clad Ferreira sauntered out onstage to the shock of fans, and promptly debuted her synth-laden (and unfortunately abridged) rendition of the smash single by the country band formerly known as Lady Antebellum.

Just as mysteriously as she emerged, Ferreira departed, leaving the former Brockhampton rapper Abstract to begin has set as planned.

After years of sporadic live appearances — and even rarer releases of new music — Ferreira has been more active in recent years, including a North American tour in late 2023 and a just-concluded Europe jaunt earlier this month.

All that activity — including a small role in the Justin Timberlake-starring crime thriller Reptile last year — however, has not yet resulted in the arrival of Ferreira’s now-mythic sophomore album Masochism, the long-long-awaited follow-up to her 2013 debut Night Time, My Time.


Ferreira has been teasing the album for years: She dropped the ambient “Downhill Lullaby” in 2019, which appeared to signal that a new album would follow shortly, but it did not come. In 2022 brought “Don’t Forget,” which again pointed to the possibility that her second set was forthcoming, but it has still didn’t arrive.

In a cryptic social media post last year, Ferreira suggested unknown powers were withholding the new music due to her being “difficult“; Sky fans responded in turn with a Times Square billboard demanding that Capitol Records #FreeSkyFerreira.

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