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Rapper Marries Girlfriend of 8 Years, Promises to Clean up His Lyrics

Congrats to Kaogaii and his new bride!

One popular rapper is cleaning up his act after tying the knot. In an Instagram post shared on Feb. 18, the rapper Kaogaii said he is now a married man. In the grid post, Kaogaii revealed he had finally wed his girlfriend of nine years, whose name he did not publicize.

The South Korean musician shared an image of himself with his wife, as well as images of their wedding, video of himself performing at the reception and another cute photo of a less formal moment between them. Accompanying the photos was a caption that included a promise that he’d start cursing less in his songs.

“Finally got married after 8 years of dating. Today is my birthday and I received the biggest gift,” Kaogaii wrote, per Instagram’s translation. “Now I’m going to reduce the swearing in the lyrics. Thank you very much for your congratulations.”

Kaogaii is well-known for his appearances on the reality TV competition Show Me The Money. His top songs include “Win Win,” “Bakchigi,” “Drink of Nah” and “MONEY GAME.”

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