Gamer F1NN5TER comes out as gender-fluid and bisexual

The Twitch streamer opened up to fans. (@F1NN5TER/Twitter)

F1NN5TER has revealed that he is gender-fluid and bisexual, and has started hormone replacement therapy (HRT). 

The popular gaming YouTuber who uses he/him pronouns took to Twitter on 2 March to announce that he is “coming out”

The Twitch streamer then posted a YouTube update, revealing that he recently started undergoing HRT after cross-dressing for years on his channel. “After doing it for a ‘meme’, I wanted to explore my gender a bit more.”

He began: “It took a while to feel comfortable to make this video. I don’t know why, but I’m very scared. 

“I want so badly to be able to talk about what I’ve been doing, and it’s really hard to if no one knows. I want to talk about my life openly and all the amazing things that have happened,” he revealed. 

The online personality opened up about feeling “stressed out” about identifying himself before realising, “I think the label that suits me best is gender-fluid”. 

“I feel really comfortable with who I am. I’m so glad I got to this point with such a supportive group of people,” he added.

The gamer explained that he doesn’t want his existence to be part of a political debate, concluding: “I am just here to be me.”

Before signing off, the content creator said: “There is one more thing. Also, I’m bi. I like dudes!”

Towards the end of the video, the YouTuber brought his parents on, where he joked with his mum: “The only reason why I’m doing any of this is because you raised me [as] vegetarian.”

His dad also joked: “As I said to you about three months ago, I never wanted a son.”

The Twitch streamer has always been a proud supporter of the LGBTQ+ community, having previously donated $50,000 to the GenderGP Trans Healthcare Fund in May, according to the organisation.

“This money will help countless trans adults [to] access gender-affirming healthcare and make a real change in the lives of many people,” a press release read at the time.

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