Def Leppard Release ‘Photograph’ Rough Mix With Less Vocals

A newly released rough mix of “Photograph” from Def Leppard‘s archives shows a different side to the Number One rock chart hit. Where the version that came out on Pyromania and dominated rock radio in 1983 finds the band singing “Photograph” and Joe Elliott responding, “I don’t want your … / I don’t need your …” the rough mix has less vocals and more space. It sounds almost like a new wave song with more prominent (and funkier) bass, less reverb, and a lot more jangly guitar in the chorus. The cowbell remains the same.

The track is one of many rarities that will feature on an upcoming box set Pyromania reissue, due out April 26. In addition to a disc that contains the original album remastered, the collection includes a disc of 22 rarities with untitled demos, outtakes, and more rough mixes. Two other discs contain concert recordings from Dortmund, Germany, and Los Angeles from 1983, and there’s a Blu-ray that contains the album in Atmos, 5.1 surround sound, a new stereo remix, and an instrumental mix of the album in addition to the record’s attendant music videos. The reissue will also be available as double-LP and double-CD sets, as well as digitally.

“A labour of love and I loved every minute of it !!” Elliott said of the box set in a statement. “Rediscovering dusty old cassettes which were brilliantly restored by Ronan [McHugh, who executive produced the collection with Elliott] and finding the long lost unfinished ’11th track’ [titled ‘No You Can’t Do That’] was a journey only few of us are lucky enough to take … what a trip !!”

“Right from the very early days we had a specific idea of how we wanted to sound,” bassist Rick Savage said. “A massive wall of guitars and drums supporting huge vocals and melodies. That vision came to fruition with the making of Pyromania. Even now it still has that special quality that made it such a ground-breaking record. It’s a testament to the songs that they remain the fans’ favourites and true cornerstones of any Leppard show. 40 years?? It doesn’t even seem like 40 days.”

Pyromania is a really special album for obvious reasons,” guitarist Phil Collen said. “It was the first time we all worked together with [producer] Mutt Lange, and I was able to play with my incredible friend Steve Clark, who was such a gifted and wonderful guitarist. I am incredibly proud of the album and what we collectively achieved.”

Def Leppard will likely be playing the hits from Pyromania this summer when they hit the road with Journey for a massive stadium tour. The Steve Miller Band, Heart, and Cheap Trick will join them at various dates.

Pyromania box set track list:

Disc One: Original Album

1. “Rock Rock (Til You Drop)”
2. “Photograph”
3. “Stagefright”
4. “Too Late for Love”
5. “Die Hard the Hunter”
6. “Foolin’”
7. “Rock of Ages”
8. “Comin’ Under Fire”
9. “Action! Not Words”
10. “Billy’s Got a Gun”

Disc Two: Rarities

1. “No You Can’t Do That – Outtake”
2. “Untitled 1 – Demo”
3. “Untitled 2 – Demo”
4. “Untitled 3 – Demo”
5. “Untitled 4 – Demo”
6. “Untitled 5 – Demo”
7. “Untitled 6 – Demo”
8. “Rock Rock Till You Drop – Demo”
9. “Too Late for Love – Demo”
10. “Comin’ Under Fire – Demo”
11. “Billy’s Got a Gun – Demo”
12. “No You Can’t Do That – Demo”
13. “Rock Rock (Til You Drop) – Rough Mix Version”
14. “Photograph – Rough Mix Version (Unfinished Vocal)”
15. “Stagefright – Rough Mix Version”
16. “Too Late for Love – Rough Mix Version”
17. “Die Hard the Hunter – Rough Mix Version”
18. “Foolin’ – Rough Mix Version”
19. “Rock of Ages – Rough Mix Version”
20. “Comin’ Under Fire – Rough Mix Version”
21. “Action! Not Words – Rough Mix Version (Chorus Only)”
22. “Billy’s Got a Gun – Rough Mix Version”

Disc Three: Live Westfalen Halle, Dortmund, Germany / December 18, 1983

1. “Rock! Rock! (Till You Drop)”
2. “Billy’s Got a Gun”
3. “Foolin’”
4. “Rock of Ages”
5. “Let It Go”
6. “Wasted”

CD Four: Live at the Los Angeles Forum / September 11, 1983


1. “Rock! Rock!! (Til You Drop)”
2. “Rock Brigade”
3. “High and Dry (Saturday Night)”
4. “Another Hit and Run”
5. “Billy’s Got a Gun”
6. “Mirror Mirror (Look Into My Eyes)”
7. “Foolin’”
8. “Photograph”
9. “Rock of Ages”
10. “Bringing Back the Heartache”
11. “Switch 625”
12. “Let It Go”
13. “Wasted”
14. “Stage Fright”
15. “Travellin’ Band”

Blu-Ray: Original album in Atmos / 5.1 / New Stereo / Instrumental plus music videos

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