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Kara Killmer’s Exit Already Has Fans Missing Brett

The Brettsey Wedding Has Fans Feeling Pretty Emotional

One fan wrote, “Happy tears, beautifulw wedding. [red heart emoji x2, fire engine emoji].” Another shared, “wow I’m not okay. I’m gonna miss them both so much. But my ship is MARRIED and in LOVE and together forever. I’m just so happy [smiling face with hearts emoji, face holding back tears emoji, loudly crying face emoji].”


It’s Hard to Say Goodbye

“Damn it. I’m crying. Bret we will miss you,” one fan confessed. “I didn’t think I would be this sad for the end because this show has really been going downhill but holy crap I’m gonna miss Brett and Casey being on my TV screen,” another admitted.


So Many Tears

One fan shared, “The goodbye between the girls made me CRY SO HARD [loudly crying face emoji, sneezing face emoji].” Another said, “This is really it [pleading face emoji]. You shall be missed Sylvie Brett.”


It Was a Perfect Sendoff

“That episode was perfect [face holding back tears emoji] Everything we could have wanted [red heart emoji],” one fan stated. “PERFECT WAY TO END THIS EPISODE, byeeee Brett, I’ll miss you forever [loudly crying face emoji x3],” another fan said.


It’s the End of an Era

“I knew I was gonna be emotional but I did not think I would cry this hard,” one fan expressed. “Truly the end of an era. We will miss you, Kara Killmer!”


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